Doomscrolling @ 1.5x


This video collects all of the photographic imagery I consumed on the Internet, consciously or not, during particularly anxiety-ridden days in the midst of the pandemic. In a digital performance that embodies contemporary habits of spectatorship, the collection is presented as a constant scroll at 1.5 speed.

The dates of archived Internet traffic include January 9, 2020 (WHO announcement of COVID-19); January 31, 2020 (Brexit); February 10, 2020 (end of the largest Australian brushfire); May 26, 2020 (the day after George Floyd’s murder and the start of protests); September 18, 2020 (Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies); January 6, 2021 (US Capitol insurrection); January 20, 2021 (inauguration of Joe Biden); February 3, 2021 (date of the highest number of worldwide COVID deaths); March 16, 2021 (Atlanta spa shootings); August 6, 2021 (release of IPCC climate change report); October 12, 2021 (vote by the House of Representatives for a stopgap extension of the debt ceiling).


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